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My name is Lori Abrahamson and I have 21+ years of administrative and business management experience. I have worked in many different facets and industries including but not limited to: massage therapists & hospitality, carpet cleaning & maintenance, real estate, and many more.  

Please feel free to reach out to me for a complimentary consultation and to see if I would be a good fit for you and your business.

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Bookkeeping and payroll duties

Calculating hours, adding expenses, updating salaries & certified in Mastering Quickbooks

Receptionist duties

Answering calls, leaving voicemails and checking messages

Database building

Entry and updates (sales, contacts, CRM, etc.)

Social Media management

Creating content, compiling campaigns, responding to comments, guidance for enhanced online presence across all social channels

Performing banking needs

Paying bills and

transferring funds

invoicing clients

Writing, managing & sending billing statements

Creating, filing and presenting 

Weekly reports on sales, deliverables, hours and tasks

Checking email

Responding to customer inquiries and managing spam

Organizing technical 

Weekly reports on sales, deliverables, hours and tasks

Creating and sending out

Greeting cards, invitations, newsletters and thank you notes


Establishing, updating and managing important events

Scheduling appointments

For clients, businesses and salespeople

Launching and maintaining

Cloud computing accounts (DropBox, OneDrive, Google)


Merging and splitting .PDF files

Preparing training manuals

For new staff members or remote workers

Composing documents

From handwritten drafts, faxes and dictations

Create forms

Including surveys for customer feedback and client worksheets


Any documents and other office materials

Producing graphs

From your spreadsheets and statistical data


As Xena Warrior Princess Says...

"I have many skills"


Lori Abrahamson      Personal Assistant

cell (206)724.1367

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I was looking to hire someone who could help my nonprofit get organized financially and take over the bookkeeping. The qualities I was looking for were honesty, integrity, excellent communication skills, and an understanding of the services we provide. I also was looking for passion for the work. I found all of these qualities and more with Lori Abrahamson. She gets what we need and is responsive to our questions, concerns, and needs. She is skilled and knowledgeable overall, but especially in the areas I hired her for. When asked if she could help in other ways that may be outside the scope of bookkeeping, she was willing to learn new things and let me know what she can do. I trust Lori to do the work in a timely manner and to communicate clearly what she needs to do the job. There were a few times of stress for me on a few issues and she made sure she let me know she will take care of the issues as she has dealt with them before and knows the protocols. She is a problem solver.  Peace of mind is the best gift I have received from working with Lori.  

Satisfied Client